April 29, 2022  | Atlanta / High Point, N.C / Las Vegas

Our business has always prioritized the safety and security of our customers, employees, and anyone else who enters our campuses. Throughout the pandemic, IMC has successfully supported the industries we serve through our physical markets and through our new digital marketplace, JuniperMarket.  The protocols for our campuses have evolved over the course of the pandemic in line with recommendations from experts and local governments. Our daily business and market requirements are stated below and may be updated or modified at any moment as new information becomes available.

Masks are no longer required.

As of March 1, 2022, anyone on any of our campuses; Atlanta, High Point, NC, or Las Vegas, are not required to wear masks. Indoor masking is recommended by the CDC only in communities with a high probability of COVID-19 infection. Mask wearing is no longer recommended or regulated by any of the jurisdictions in which IMC operates, in accordance with the CDC recommendations.

The CDC does, however, continue to recommend wearing a mask if you have specific particular risk factors and/or high transmission levels have been observed in the locations where you live/work.

Bear in mind that many people continue to feel safer wearing a mask due to personal or family health concerns; thus, please be considerate of their wishes. LEARN MORE HERE

What to Expect When Visiting Our Buildings

    • All attendees are highly advised to pre-register online to avoid queuing at registration locations.
    • If used, masks should completely cover the wearer’s nose and mouth to be effective.
    • Hand sanitization stations will be located throughout campus.
    • If you have been exposed to COVID, please follow the CDC’s quarantine and testing procedures prior to coming to a market.Our campuses’ natural architecture has always prioritized safety including open parking, huge entryways, easy registration in numerous locations, broad halls, and multiple escalators to all floors.


  • Covid-19 Testing Sites Near Campus

    While not required for entry at Market, visitors interested in Covid-19 testing near campus may use the below links:  


    Enhanced Housekeeping Measures

    IMC made efforts to strengthen its housekeeping practices in response to COVID-19 in early March 2020. These revisions to the cleaning criteria emphasize the importance of frequent, thorough cleaning of campuses, with a particular emphasis on the use of EPA List N chemicals or products for cleaning and disinfecting high-touch sites.

    Transportation & Parking

    Masks are no longer mandatory and are now optional for all market shuttle riders and drivers.

  • Tenants & Staff

    Our tenants, employees, and any temporary personnel we employ shall be subject to all the standards outlined above in their entirety. IMC employees should adhere to local Human Resources policies in each city.

  • It will not be possible to eliminate entirely the risk that a tenant, employee or visitor will come into contact with the Coronavirus – or with someone who is carrying it – despite the measures outlined above. We believe, however, that with thorough and regular application of these rules, IMC’s campuses will continue to be as safe as is practically possible, and significantly safer than many public spaces.