What is ShopZio?

ShopZio is a Digital Marketplace powered by IMC_di that enables vendors to approve buyers, showcase their full assortment of products/pricing, and capture sales year-round. More than 30,000 buyer accounts have been created on ShopZio and hundreds of brands are currently featured on the platform.

What Exactly is our Offer?

For IMC exhibitors, the ShopZio Digital Marketplace will be free of charge through the end of the year.  IMC_di is eliminating one-time setup/configuration fees AND all monthly user fees through December 31, 2020. Based on order volume, this could save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars for the remainder of this year, and gain access to a world-class e-commerce tool that is open to buyers year-round.

What Will it Cost After the Free Period?

As of January first, 2021, IMC_di will likely implement a transactional fee. Any future fees in 2021 will be significantly discounted for IMC’s exhibiting vendors. We will share more details later, but we anticipate low single digit fees for IMC exhibitors.


How Can an Exhibitor Participate?

Please click here to answer a few questions and start the onboarding process.  These questions will help us assign a Customer Success specialist to help you have the best experience for loading your data, learning about important features, and being ready to capture orders from buyers as soon as possible.

Is Set-Up Complicated?

IMC-di has a dedicated Customer Success team that will make onboarding and training easy. Onboarding time can vary based on the size and complexity of your product catalog, but typically after a couple of calls over the course of a couple of weeks, you will be able to load/update products, manage customers and capture orders autonomously.

What is the Timing of Onboarding?

After you’ve filled out our onboarding survey , our Customer Success team will reach out to go over the details needed for onboarding.  The process for readying data generally takes a couple of weeks. Uploading and selling can happen within four weeks and it depends upon the complexity of the data.


How Will Buyers Hear About ShopZio?

IMC and IMC_di are launching a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign in June and July to encourage buyers to discover brands on our Market websites and to transact on ShopZio. This campaign will activate hundreds of thousands of qualified buyers on IMC’s unparalleled database and funnel the millions of buyers that visit our Market sites to ShopZio.

How Can I Obtain more Information on ShopZio?

There is a dedicated website at www.shopzio.com with helpful information.

You can also reach out to Concierge@imcdi.com and a member team will follow-up as soon as possible.

What are the Advantages of ShopZio?

ShopZio is a Digital Marketplace with important features:

  • Display and categorize all of your products for sale directly to your buyers
  • Receive orders directly from your buyers
  • Review previous orders and send out order updates
  • Real-time shipping notifications
  • Explore and discover new buyers and open new accounts
  • View complete customer history (and more)

Plus, access to thousands of new, vetted leads searching for a business like yours!


Your Customers will Love ShopZio! Why?

Once approved by a brand, buyers can easily log-on and:

  • Browse your Brands products, view your dealer pricing
  • Place orders directly with your brands
  • Review previous orders and get order updates
  • Create wish lists, bookmarks and organize your favorite products across your brands
  • Explore and discover new Brands and open new accounts

What are the Advantages for Sales Reps?

  • Unlike other Digital Marketplace competitors, ShopZio is Rep friendly; they can manage their territory and be a part of transactions on ShopZio
  • Single place to showcase products and capture orders from existing or new accounts
  • Reps can also use ShopZio to see order history and track orders and manager their customers

Is RepZio Available for Free?

Not at this time.

If an IMC exhibitor would like to inquire about the RepZio product they can reach out at Repzio@imcdi.com.


What is the Difference Between ShopZio and RepZio?

RepZio is a best-in-class iPad app that helps sales reps capture orders during shows and on the road. While the rep and buyer are most often together, the sales rep does the shopping and ordering for the buyer.

ShopZio is a Digital Marketplace website that gives buyers the ability to shop and transact wherever and whenever they want.  On ShopZio, while a given sales rep can get credit for the order, the buyer is in control of shopping and making the order on their own.

Why Would My Company Want to Use RepZio?

  • RepZio is the perfect solution for a mobile and virtual sales force
  • Sales Reps can work offline during market or on the road, build presentations and bestseller lists, check stock levels in real time and conduct inventories all from their mobile device!

Are There Additional Benefits?

  • Yes, we have partnerships with some of the world’s largest credit card processors that can save you money
  • We provide secure remote credit card processing
  • RepZio has built-in barcode generating and scanning capabilities