Our Mission

The IMC Team strives to create exceptional and enduring value for our customers by creating innovative and sustainable business platforms for the home, gift and apparel industries. Through passionate dedication to customer service, ongoing commitment to quality and excellence, combined with a focus on constant improvement, we facilitate frictionless commerce between wholesale buyers and sellers in the industries we serve.


Our Values

Our values provide a solid foundation for our business and guide every decision we make. They shape interaction with our guests, partners and team members.

IMC Diversity & Inclusion Network

In June 2020 in response to an intensified call for social justice across the country, IMC formed an internal Diversity & Inclusion Network to support our organizational commitment to diversity and universal inclusion.


Our Goals & Leadership Expectations

We are pleased to have you as part of our Team. We take our responsibilities to you very seriously. These leadership expectations express our commitment to you and define our culture. They are also our expectations of you.


Lead by Example

Show a belief in our people, business and values through your actions, words and attitude. Be an ambassador of the Company, delivering a positive and confident Company image. Treat people with dignity and act with integrity. Optimism is a force multiplier


Promote Teamwork

Align the goals, strategies and efforts of your team with the Company. Focus on common strategic objectives. Ensure a cohesive and constructive approach to projects and daily tasks. Take ownership by clearly communicating with other departments and understanding their needs.

Develop IMC Talent

Develop future IMC leaders by inspiring, recognizing and coaching team members. Help team members fulfill their potential by providing challenges and empowering appropriately. Invest time to discuss their current and future needs.


Build Relationships

Develop high levels of respect and trust within your team, across the Company and with customers. Engage in an open and positive communication style. Be willing to engage with and be responsive to the needs of others. Show that you care and understand how each person contributes to our success. Promote exceptional internal customer service, always exceeding expectations.

Be Performance Oriented & Drive Results

Exceed expectations. Be familiar with the IMC Strategic Blueprint and Business Model to align activities and efforts accordingly. Be strategic in your decisions and maximize the talent and resources available to you. Be accountable for your decisions and actions and demand the same of others.

Be Financially Smart

Demonstrate a strong understanding of the financial and business needs of the organization. Achieve all necessary financial obligations.


Prioritize Effectively

Focus and deliver on clearly defined objectives. Utilize an effective and logical course of action to ensure deadlines and responsibilities are met. Eliminate anything unnecessary or unimportant

Be Innovative

Be willing to challenge the status quo in an effort to create an exceptional Company that builds value for our customers (buyers and sellers) and is easy to do business with. Remain current with technology, trends and best practices in and out of our industry. Avoid the excuse: “It has always been done that way.”

Constantly Improve

Initiate self-development and actively seek opportunities for growth. Demonstrate strong self- awareness regarding personality traits, strengths and areas of improvement. Building a better “me” is part of building a better IMC.


Foster a Positive Working Environment

Provide a positive and passionate influence within your team and across the Company. Foster an appropriate sense of fun and keep work interesting. Celebrate successes and recognize achievements and milestones.




“The ripple effect of a leader’s enthusiasm and optimism is awesome.” – Colin Powell