In June 2020 in response to an intensified call for social justice across the country, IMC formed an internal Diversity & Inclusion Network to support our organizational commitment to diversity and universal inclusion.

IMC’s Diversity and Inclusion Network is co-captained by three employees – Terence Morris, senior vice president of gift leasing; Kempen Olivier, director of security and safety; and Danielle Hall, IT project manager, and includes a steering committee comprised of 12 employees from across IMC’s departments and campuses.

The Network seeks to achieve four primary goals:

  • create community for diverse professionals at IMC
  • develop programming and forums addressing diversity, inclusion, human rights and social justice;
  • implement policy changes at IMC supporting diversity and equal opportunities for advancement
  • provide a platform for thought leadership in the industries we serve,” said Morris.


Fireside Chat with MLK III

IMC kicked-off the initiative on June 23, 2020 with a live fireside chat between IMC’s CEO, Bob Maricich and Martin Luther King III (son of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King) who has devoted his life to working in the non-profit sector to promote civil rights and global human rights.  Their hour-long conversation addressed equality, equal opportunity, community activism and protest. They also spoke about the impact of transformative corporate leadership on peace, justice, diversity and inclusion.
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“We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to host this discussion with Mr. King. His honest and compelling discourse reminds us of his late Father’s legacy and the work that is left to do. Indifference and minimization are just as unacceptable as bold acts of discrimination, and we must work together to challenge them every day,” Maricich explained. “Establishment of the Network is just a small step toward affecting real change in the communities in which we live and work.”

Growing the Effort and the Impact

Beyond creation of this Network, IMC committed to strengthen its commitment to the Black community by identifying and supporting key Black industry organizations and to work with them on partnerships that raise awareness and drive change.

15 Percent Pledge

IMC also accepted the 15 Percent Pledge – a commitment through which brands pledge 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned business – by dedicating at least 15 percent of its marketing content channels to feature and highlight Black designers, retailers and exhibitors with features, webinars, collaborations and more.⁠

House Bill 426

Additionally, IMC is taking actions to support the passage of House Bill 426, also known as the Georgia Hate Crimes Act, which pushes for stronger penalties for those convicted of targeting a victim based on color, gender, origin, race, religion and sexual orientation.

“We are proud of the diversity represented by the IMC team.  We have taken steps to promote equality across our company, but in light of recent events we know there is much more work to be done,” said Maricich. “Through this initiative, we are committed to making IMC a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all team members regardless of differences and to make a larger impact on the communities where we work.”

Diversity Inclusion Network Steering Committee